One-of-a-Kind Studio Furniture

Vitae Modern Console Table

Life Cycle Series. #2

This console table utilizes the second of four slabs that comprise an exclusive series of tables whose designs flow naturally from the sweep in the slabs. The series of slabs, a work of art in themselves, is called Life Cycle. More on that below.

For the top, both faces have been carefully planed by hand, polished, oiled, and waxed. The base of the table has been designed to complement the slab, to support and present it in a cohesive way. And from that form, the Vitae collection was born.

Wormy spalted maple live edge slab top polished with tung oil, maple pedestal dyed black, shellacked, and waxed. Some call it functional art.


66 1/2″ X 32″ X 18″


The Story

The slabs came from a tree, that after decades of weathering the storms that sometimes buffet our country home, succumbed to the onslaught and toppled back into the forest. How many years it lay there is unknown. During that time the trunk became the host for all kinds of living things. Many species of beetles and worms feasted on the rich nutrients treasured in the sap and cells of this once majestic maple. Various fungi joined the banquet. That cycle of life was arrested and captured when we dragged the drooping log out of the forest, sawed it into slabs, and stacked them outside to dry. Hence the name, Life Cycle for the slabs.