One-of-a-Kind Studio Furniture

Walnut Wall Unit

I designed and made this breathtaking wall unit (just shy of 18 feet tall) for the bedroom space of some clients in Oakville. It’s the first thing the owners see when their eyes open in the morning as part of a spectacular renovation that removed the 10 foot ceiling to open the space up into the newly insulated attic.

Utilizing the highest grade of solid walnut and ultra core walnut veneer plywood, each piece was selected for colour, grain, and how it speaks to the rest of the piece, cut to precise measurements and angles in the shop, and then assembled in place. The lights were placed to create a cascading descent of highlights, drawing the eye to explore the entire piece in depth and detail.

Finish is hand rubbed tung oil.


8′-2″ x 17′-10″ x 1′-2″