One-of-a-Kind Studio Furniture & Millwork

Commercial Experience

The small shop atmosphere really appealed to me, and fortunately I was able to further develop as a craftsman in a small old world building in Port Credit (Mississauga), Ontario. We made a wide range of furniture, from traders desks and workstations for the stock market to high gloss laminate bedroom suites. It was a bit odd to be making such contemporary millwork from such an old building, but it was a great experience.

During the recession of the late eighties, I joined a larger company that focussed on store fixtures. One of our projects was the millwork for the then new Terminal 2 Duty Free shops at Pierson International Airport, Toronto. Later, for strong philosophical reasons (it really irked me that the fine work I was doing was destined to be unceremoniously ripped out and dumped in a landfill site in 10 or 20 years when the stores opted for a face lift—that and the boredom of the increasingly repetitious nature of the work) I left the commercial millwork industry.