One-of-a-Kind Studio Furniture & Millwork


I began woodworking in the early eighties making custom pine and oak furniture. It was a small company, alternating between three or four of us in the shop, not counting the owner, and the aesthetic was consistently colonial. Except for cabinet backs and drawer bottoms, every part of the furniture was made of solid wood; and that early influence embedded in me the notion that quality furniture should be solid in every sense of the word. Today, I don’t use plywood at all, except maybe for slip seat bases that are upholstered. Taken long before digital cameras were common, the photos give an idea of the kind of work I did back then. The pictures were for my father, who was out of the country at the time, to let him see the kind of work I was doing. I posed in a couple pictures to give an idea of the size of the work. Contact me here for information.

custom furniture: highboy
Oak wall unit

Oak Wall Unit

This was a wall to wall unit, twelve feet across in eight sections, four top and four bottom, solid oak.

Oak stereo cabinet

Looks like the seventies!

That’s what stereo cabinets were like back then. The top opens up for an LP player.

Custom woodwork: armoire